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Sigalon Security Systems AB


Eco Charger


The Eco Charger is the first safe and rapid charger for Single Use and Rechargeable batteries of the types LR6 AA and LR3 AAA



Sigalon Security Systems AB, a Swedish company, are proud to announce the economical and ecological Eco Charger, the first of it’s kind on the market, allowing used Alkaline and Saline batteries to be recharged up to 15 times.

In addition, the Eco Charger is recharging NiMH and NiCd batteries.


The unique Eco Charger is based on a patented method including the use of the pulse technology, whereby power is transferred from one point to another, without losing power according to Joule effect.


With the Eco Charger, used batteries are recharged to 90% (or more) of capacity, in 2-3 hours, without any risk for leakage, overheating or explosion.


Currently, the round AA/AAA batteries are the most utilized on the market; used for digital cameras, video game consoles, electronic toys, portable CD players, etc.


The Eco Charger comes in a blister pack with a transformer.

The pack is ready for display on a shelf/rack or delivery to a customer.


Operating Instructions for the Eco Charger (Eco Chargeur in French)




(1)    Attach the transformer (provided) cable to the charger and plug in the transformer to an electrical outlet.


(2)     Push the ON/OFF button to position ON (right).


(3)     Insert 4 used batteries; type LR6 AA or LR3 AAA.
(It is also possible to recharge batteries of the type NiMH and NiCd)

Do not mix different types of batteries.


(4)     The 3 lights on the charger indicate the following:

RED (the center light) indicates Power ON,

YELLOW (the left light) indicates that the batteries are being charged,

GREEN (the right light) indicates the charge level of the batteries.

A stronger light intensity (yellow and/or green) indicates an increasingly complete recharge level.   


When the YELLOW and the GREEN lights are ON at the same time, indicate that the batteries are recharged at a level of 90% or more. The batteries are ready for use at this level.


When only the GREEN light is ON, indicates that the batteries are recharged at a level of 99% or more. The recharging is stopped and the charge level is maintained. The batteries are ready for use.


(5)     Remove the batteries.


(6)     Push the ON/OFF button to position OFF (left).


(7)     Detach the transformer cable from the charger and unplug in the transformer from the electrical outlet.


(8)     Batteries are usually recharged in 2-3 hours.


(9)     Batteries might be usefully recharged up to 15 times.



Note: Batteries from major suppliers are more easily recharged.


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