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Sigalon  Security  Systems AB


Sigalon Security Systems AB is registered in Sweden. The main product developments are taking place in France.


The company has, since its inception in 2003, been heavily involved in the development of micro processor, often sensor and internet based systems in several areas.


These include :

The Eco Charger - the first rapid, ecological and economical charger, allowing used Alkaline and Saline batteries to be recharged up to 15 times. The round AA/AAA single use batteries are an increasing environmental problem, and a considerable cost item for a family, as these batteries are used for digital cameras, video game consoles, electronic toys, portable CD players, etc. Used batteries are recharged to 90% (or more) of capacity, in 2-3 hours, without any risk for leakage, overheating or explosion.


Monitoring and Control System for Emergency Smoke Evacuation and Comfort Ventilation, using various sensor and communication technologies as well as a fully energy independent system with solar panels.

The system is developed for companies, which would like to respond, in a responsible manner, to the increasing demands in the area of fire protection and accident avoidance. With the collaboration with a local agent in Sweden, AluVent AB, a system was installed in 2003 at one of the large factories in the SCA-group.

The system is currently considered by agents in France and Japan.


Real-time Temperature Monitoring and Control System, using radio or cable based communication between sensors and internet connected base stations.

In the name of public safety, the national health authorities are placing increasingly severe requirements on companies in the food handling and processing business. Stringent rules and procedures must be adhered to, and the levels of required internal controls are increasing. The system was developed in 2004 and is presently considered by agents in Sweden, France and Japan.


Radio based meter system for rapid communication between clients and  providers of utility services (e.g. electricity, gas and water). The system was developed in 2004, with collaboration of companies in France, including the French arm of the international group Landis & Gyr, based in Switzerland. The system is currently in operation in some 15 locations in France and is considered by Landis & Gyr in Scandinavia. In addition,  discussions are currently held with an agent in Japan.


Integration of an internet based telephone system (VoIP) with common and cordless telephones. The company has currently a working prototype connecting to the successful internet telephone/message service provider Skype.

Skype is using a ground braking peer-to-peer technology (P2P), and is currently the fastest growing communication company in the world, with more than 100 million downloads of their software.

Our link enabables a Skype user to connect incoming and outgoing calls to a regular telephone, thereby avoiding the limiting use of a computer connected headset.    


e-Learning - online apprenticeship via internet; an interactive multimedia system for teachers and students, making full use of video conferencing, instant messaging. Used, eg., in the area entertainment, for preparation by students and their participation in singing contests.


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